Monday, 22 September 2014

The Book Gif Tag (i behead furniture and sherlock beats up twilight for me)

I like gifs.  Y'know just a little bit.

Okay, that might be the understatement of the millennium: I LOVE GIFS.

Big thanks and hugs to Aneta Augustine (seriously people you should check out her blog, HER SENSE OF HUMOUR IS FABULOUS) who tagged me for The Book Gif Tag!!  YAY!! *bounces up and down*
I've been wanting to do this ever since it started circling the book blogsphere so I was beyond happy and surprised that I got tagged, especially as I've been as around on the blogsphere as much as a rainbow coloured squirrel (aka not here).  

The rules for The Gif Tag are pretty basic: The person who tags you gives you 10 books for you to post a gif reaction to.  After you do that, you tag people that you want to see do it and give them 10 books to post their reaction too!  Got it?  Ok, lets go!

1.) Peter Pan

The truth is, I have a memory of a sausage.  It's true!  I find it difficult enough remembering what day it is!  I remember reading Peter Pan a looong time ago, but I can't remember all of what I thought about it.  I remember I disliked Wendy and couldn't understand why someone would name a house for her (I mean c'mon...Ella House sounds so much better).  Peter was a dead kid that found joy in kidnapping kids and calling it an adventure.  Tinkerbell was like a parrot on coffee (you have to agree with me, there) and I really, really liked Caption Hook.  Or, more specifically his hook.  (I was going through a pirate phase that's all I can say.)  But apart from those tiny things I think I enjoyed the story.  Think.  I'm going to have to reread it.  (It's been yeeeeears.)

2.) The Help

I DNF'd this at about a quarter way in.  I WANTED to enjoy it, but like the incredibly adorable duckling above I kept dropping off and yawning.  maybe I'll pick it back up in the future.

3.) City Of Bones

Ooooh, you SHOULD NOT get me started on this book *hefts axe*   Zoe and I share a deep loathing for this book so I'm glad at least ONE person stands beside me in this world FULL of Cassandra Clare fans everywhere you look. *shivers and hides behind Zoe*  I would be quite happy to watch this book and everything in it (including the furniture) get beheaded. *swaps axe to other hand* HAPPILY.

4.) Throne Of Glass

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hyperventilates*  *giggles madly*  To be completely honest, when I reread Throne of Glass recently, I didn't find it as great as the first time I read it BUT BECAUSE I AM A LOYAL FANGIRL AND BECAUSE CROWN OF MIDNIGHT BROKE MY FEELS AND HEIR OF FIRE BURNT THEM TO ASH, I STILL LOVE IT.  Now go away and read them.  Now.  off you go, SHOO.

5.) Divergent

Divergent was like on of those mixed bag of lollies you can get.  Half of the lollies are your favourite and the other half of the bag are foul and sickeningly gross.  Meet my experience with Divergent: I devoured the first half and ADORED it, got to the Four and Tris starting to be lovey dovey, and BAM!  Bring out the crap.  I absolutely HATED the second half of Divergent which made me sad.  Talk about twist my feels into knots!

6.) Twilight

I googled many search terms before I came across this fantastic Sherlock gif.  THANK YOU SHERLOCK!!!!!  I'd give you a hug, but you'd probably  owe you a mystery.  I won't fill up this blogpost with How Much Ella Hates Twilight because I think I've probably already scared you away with my City of Bones rant and also the above Sherlock gif.  I PROMISE, I don't go round savagely beating books I want to see tortured till their dying breath don't like to death.  

7.) The Mediator

Never heard of it before.  Upon looking it up, this book/series seems to be by Meg Cabot who I've never read anything by.  Isn't she the author of the Princess Diaries or something??

8.) Legend

Mmm, it was ALRIGHT.  I didn't really understand what was SOOOOOO amazing 'bout it though.  So I'm leaving it up to Harry to do that adorable little shrug of his to explain my reaction to it. ;)

9.) Thirteen Reasons Why

THIS BOOK WAS SO SAD BUT BEAUTIFUL.  One of the only times I've got teary over a book.  Just...LOVED IT TO FRABJOUS AND BACK.  Now go away and let me remember every sad and marvellous word of it.  *weeps in corner*

10.) Pride and Prejudice

*hides behind newspaper* I ACTUALLY HAVEN'T READ IT.  I KNOW. I am so very disappointed in myself.  I mean, this is like the classic of ALL classics.  Something is seriously wrong with me. *shakes head*  I'm just no the biggest classic reader out there.  Have read Mansfield Park, though! *grins proudly*

Frabjous Nominees:

 (because Romi is one of my favourite person's EVER and because her sense of humour is fantastic and also because I've said so.  THAT IS REASON ENOUGH ROMI.)

(because Em is the Queen of gifs and I stalk her rather creepily)

(because Skylar makes me happy when she posts)

(BECAUSE  SHE'S AWESOME.  And accepts my craziness.)

(because Briana's answers will make me grin form ear to ear)

(because Hawwa is also Queen of gifs and she makes me laugh)

(because Zoe is like the SWEETEST MOST NICEST PERSON OUT THERE.  Also because I want her to do it.)    

(because she's FRABJOUS and also because I just want to stalk her more)

And anyone else that wants to obey my demands (I'm looking at YOU).

My 10 books that demand your gif reaction:

Alice In Wonderland (I HAD to see that coming, didn't you??)




Clockwork Angel (I am ONLY putting this on the list, so I can stalk the people that might've actually disliked it.  That reason only.)

The Selection (Anyone else immediately thinking Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games??  BECAUSE I AM.)



The Distance Between Us (BECAUSE IT IS ADORABLE!)


Happy Giffing everyone! :D  Leave your links in the comments!


  1. YOU DONT HAVE TWITTER ELLA AND THIS MAKES ME REALLY SAD BECAUSE TWITTTEERRRRR!!!!! I wanted to scream GIFS GIFS GIFS MY LIFE IS COMPLETE in your face, but oh well. You should make an account sometime so we can talk and discuss there. Anyhooow, I'll read your post later when I'm done studying :)

    1. I KNOW, SORRY SIIRI. Just scream GIFS GIGS GIFS here instead ;)
      Yayyyyys!! x) I can't WAIT for your post!!! XD EXCITED.

    2. Hahahaha omg the duck gif I can't *wipes tears* I actually liked CoB back when, but if I read it again, I'd hate it, I'm sure. But it's one of those series where I started with hating some characters and loving the others and their roles have reversed as the time has passed and Simon Lewis is the bestest ever even though I hated his guts in the first two-three books. Haaa! I agree with ToG though I haven't read the CoM and HoF since I've been spoiled (the magic of Goodreads >.>) and haven't had time to read them anyway. Just waiting to have time to marathon them sometime. Hopefully this Dec/Jan. Ha! The Harry Shrug. Though I did love Legend. A decent 4 star read for me, but I get your feeling. It's not the most memorable of all the books. WHAT THE HELL YOU HAVEN'T READ PRIDE AND PREJUDICE? I AM DISAPPOINTED *SHAKES HEAD* I HAVE REREAD IT 4 TIMES SO IN TOTAL I'VE READ IT 5 TIMES. FIVE. TIMES. IT IS MAGIC. YOU NEED TO READ IT. SOON. GRAV MERCYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've only read 5 from your selection so don't get your hopes too up about my reactions being awesometastic, but I'll give my best :D Great post, Ella!

  2. YEAH! THANKS FOR THE TAG ELLA! :D This sounds so fun! :) I love all your answers to these too by the way - especially your ones for City of Bones (black sheep unite!), Throne of Glass (<3 that series so much too!) and Legend (double-meh for me, too sadly).

    Thanks for sharing and FRABJOUS post Ella! <333

    P.S. Yes, an Ella house does sound much better than a Wendy house. ;)


    2. Can't wait to see your answers, Zoe!!! :D Hehe, YES, to the black sheeps unite!! x) And I thought the Throne of Glass gif suited my general love of the series quite well XD And Legend was boooooring, snoozefest for sure. ;)


  3. Oh this is so much fun Ella, I just loved your reaction to Twilight, Throne of Glass and City of Bones! Just hilarious LOL! Excellent post and glad to see you back Ella!

    1. Hehe, I like my reaction (or Sherlock's reaction, lol) to Twilight too XD Probably my favourite ;) Although the Throne of Glass one makes me giggle because the guy in it looks like he's having a seizure but that's exactly what I look like when I talk about it!! x) *waves hands round wildly*

      Aww, thank you Jeann!! :) It's nice to be back and it was lovely of you to stop by! :)

  4. I didn't really like City Of Bones . It was okay but...meh. I liked TID a lot better.
    Haha the Twilight gif is perfect :D.
    Also I agree with you on Legend. Why does everyone think it's so amazing is a mystery to me.
    I found the second half of Divergent annoying as well & I just stopped caring about it. I really did love the first half but then it all went downhill for me.
    AND THRONE OF GLASS *fangirls*!

      Hehe, isn't it??!! ;)
      Legend was very yawn inducing. :/ Also the romance was awkward and not very clickable.
      YAYYYYYS Divergent agreer!!! It made me sad, as the first half WAS SO GOOD. But then...THE SECOND HALF WAS SO INFURIATING. So, yeah, I have no interest in carrying on with the series, ESPECIALLY as some mouldy book reviewer SPOILED Allegiant for me >:( *stabs reviewer with pen*


  5. OI! No one touches Legend. Why is it awesome? Do you prefer five page essays or unintelligible threatening sounds?
    Kidding, man. To each his own. I mean, come on, i have the POOREST opinion of Throne of Glass, so i understand.
    YOu DNF'ed The Help? March up straight to that book and READ IT. Then see the movie and enjoy depression. You haven't read PandP which is my yearly read. You haven't heard of The MEdiator (and yes, Meg Cabot wrote PD which was a major fail on so many levels) but this one will totally surprise you and have you wor-shipping Jesse and Suze (or Jesse and yourself).
    I could totally kill you :) :) but then Sherlock saved the day with his sparkly vampire killing spree.
    And City of Bones started off with good intentions but then went nowhere, but PLEASE PLEASE GIVE TID A TRY OK?
    Did i mention i loved all your gifs? i did. *hugely grins*
    PS: That was immensely quick of you with this post? How d'you do that?

    1. *pokes Legend* Nah, nah, JUST did :P *snorts* hehe, I was making unintelligible threatening sounds yesterday when I was trying find a gif that would aptly describe my hatred for the it ;) *shudders* SO much fan crazed twilight stuff came up it was SCARY.
      Yes, I KNOW how much you *ahem* DISLIKE Throne of Glass *sends disapproving look* I wanted to leave a big spammy comment but couldn't because of the google+ comments only thing *sad face*

      Um, I think I'll skip on depression at the mo ;) Glad you enjoyed it though!
      I don't like Meg Cabot's writing as I find it to fluffy :/
      I KNOW!! SHERLOCK SAVED THE DAY FOR ME!! :D Isn't he just so helpful ;)
      I've actually READ Clockwork Angel, and disliked it. Just not as much as City of Bones. Will really annoyed me >.<
      Aww, thank you x) *bows* I had ALOT of fun while doing it ;)
      Only because I was planning to post on Monday, but could'ne think what I should post, and then you tagged me and so I thought "EUREKA! I'll do that!" ;) And I did. And it was very fun. :)

  6. I like this banter we're having. Is that weird or normal?
    And I just read your post (again) and I realized I din't hug you back.
    I just did, alright? You called me FUNNY (I squealed out loud y'know when I read that.)

    1. WEIRDAL. XD TOTALLY A WORD. x) *hugs you* Of course you're funny!! All your posts make me giggle!! :D

  7. ELLLLAAAAAA! That's so nice of you! I am flushing now, actually flushing and smiling quietly because that is a very nice thing you wrote about me, and I am not so secretly a little bit chuffed. Thank you. And thank you for tagging me! Gosh! I don't actually do, as I will momentarily call it, "the gif thing", but I have an idea of how to make my post interesting and hopefully amusing. I HOPE YOU WILL BE PLEASED! (I have read hardly any of the books you've selected, though! The terror!)


    1. Another thing, Ella! I tagged YOU in the Book Tag. Thank you for being so sweet to me! x

    2. ROMIIII! x) But Romi, you are seriously the nicest person I've come across since blogging! :) You've been there right beside me all these months!

      YOU HAVE TO DO THE TAG I DEMAND IT. Ooooooh, I'm looking forward to this "idea"... ;) *face palms* I KNOW. I literally choose ten books hardly anyone knows about *le sigh* still, the gifs will be funny! :D

      YAY! Thanks for tagging me! Aren't there SO many tags going around at the moment?!

    3. There do seem to be quite a few, though I don't know when I last did one. It's been fun, because it's such a different style to my usual posting!

    4. Wh-hey! I finally replied to this (and am SO SORRY it took me an age!)- the post will be going up tomorrow morning, but it is written and ready. xx

  8. Hehe...weeell, I am a definite Cassandra Clare fangirl so...*grabs shield and holds it high* I WILL DEFEND. Although I am not a 13 Reasons Why fan so...yes. *hides behind shield again* Throne of Glass is totally just asfjdaklfadf worthy. I WILL BE IN THAT FANDOM UNTIL THE END. I WILL.

    1. *hefts axe* AND I WILL PROTEST. ;) I know! It makes me sad you didn't enjoy 13 Reasons Why! :( It was such a beautiful book but it did have problems. :/

      Hehe, YOU AND ME BOTH. We will die together in that Fandom, I'm sure of it. x)

  9. I loved Mortal Instruments and Legend! I agree with you on Divergent, though I thought it was really good, there was too much lovey dovey stuff and I DNFed Twilight after like one chapter. haha nice gifs! :)

    1. NOOOOOOO. >.< Yet another crazed fan! I MUST FIND ZOE. *looks frantically for Zoe* Oh? you didn't think Divergent was the most razzledazzlemclazzle thing in the universe? And you DNF'd Twilight after one chapter? Okay, YOU'RE FORGIVEN.
      Hehe, I thought they were pretty accurate gifs too, :P

  10. This was really funny! I actually had a lot in common with this tag (the last gif tag post I read, I barely knew any of the books e_e ). The Twilight one was funny. Great post!


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